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Actually I didn't use the terminal, just used the Adobe Air uninstaller. Just had bad flashbacks of shitty Flash updates breaking my work Thanks for the help, and hope you'll find what's causing the problem! CandyFace Posts: January On Mac I usually update my Adobe air fairly often and have never experienced the slow down. It seems weird though that PE doesn't want to run with version 18, as i have used much older versions myself without any problems.

February Hello, I resolved my problems with Pyxel edit in december, by installing the old AIR 18, but I have some other Air applications now asking me to have the latest update installed to work properly Can you tell me if the issue is resolved, or is it something that's worked on for the next release? I'd like to know if it's safe to update AIR to the latest one these days. March I have the same problem as him and going back to even older versions and to the newest ones and it gave the same message, I love this software, but so sad to not be able to use it anymore.

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March edited March Are you part of the pre-beta program? Maybe that'll fix the problem for you. Qurly Posts: 1.

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May I bought Pyxel Edit yesterday and had the newest version of adobe air, it opened. I woke up this morning hoping to keep working on this project I started and its not opening, saying that I don't have adobe air.

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I uninstalled and installed different older versions of adobe air however it still won't open. Any suggestions? May edited May Qurly which OS are you on, and what version of Pyxel Edit did you download? BlessedSwan11 Posts: 2.

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I think we can all agree if we use AIR it is because we do not want to chose between Android vs iOS and target both by default. Targeting only iOS have the risk to have someone else cloning your app on Android and missing on all those Android users 3x more than IOS users. Targeting only Android have the same risk of someone else cloning your app on iOS and missing on paying users. Windows phone? I could have also included Redtamarin in the lot as it can gives some alternatives: command-line client for Linux instead of AIR, maybe for another time.

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If you are in my case and want to produce the same AIR app for many targets here some infos First, take any statistics with a grain of salt, and more as a guideline to where to put your developing efforts.