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A u-shaped curve is just what it reads like.

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We know any chemical will be harmful at high enough levels, so that curve is the right side of a horseshoe or U - "the dose makes the poison" as Paracelsus showed - and that is why scientists create conservative "safe" levels for exposure. For Dr.


And they may only show up over time, in some sort of miracle of "bioaccumulation. Fred vom Saal. National Toxicology Program are wrong and he is right.

Well, he is already on shaky scientific ground. Possible dietary intake of BPA is less than 0. We are talking about 8 people, one of whom was a co-author self-experimenting. Only in mice did BPA exposure result in any change in insulin resistance. There was no difference in change in humans any more than if the test subjects had eaten a donut.

The authors of the paper ignored the fundamental rule of biology: An animal study can rule out a hazard in humans but it can never show it. They still wrote the paper suggesting BPA was causing type 2 diabetes in humans while using the weasel term "exploratory" down at the bottom because they know many journalists don't know what that means.


Do we have more type 2 diabetes today than 70 years ago? Do we have more BPA? Also yes. Correlating those is classic magic rock thinking. Find two events and link them. If I sell you a magic rock and you aren't attacked by a bear, if I were like vom Saal I could claim my rock prevents bear attacks. Used just as ridiculously the other way, to show harm, it's a systemic conspiracy catch-all.

Such simple curve fitting of two unrelated events will work, journalists with no science background like Paul Thacker, Liza Gross, Charlie Seife, and Dan Fagin will rush to embrace it because they want to believe in homeopathy for modern chemicals and they love conspiracies. That doesn't make them real, any more than a magic rock will keep you from being bear food in the forest. Given his penchant for doing increasingly shoddy work to shore up his claims, vom Saal is not going to have the future star power of Margulis or Pauling, he will instead be regarded as a 20th century version of Samuel Hahnemann.

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Science 2. About I founded Science 2. View Profile. View the discussion thread. Apply for a column: Hopefully it'll work for you too. Cheers, Adam Keyes. Thanks Adam! Greetings, I have the same issue with my project files not opening and have moved the plugins, but there has been no change. These project files opened just fine before and after waiting for my sound design to finish, something apparently changed.

Please help! Thank you, Wilson. If so, that's most likely your problem, and a clean install from the ground up of both the OS and FCS is the fix. Los Angeles http: Hello David, thanks so much for your precious help. I will for sure try a clean install from the ground. Thanks for giving me a new hope, I'm really about to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge.

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  • I will do it as soon as possible and let you know if it did the trick. Again, I have no words to thanks you guys, it's awesome to have such an amazing pool of experts giving you help. Dear Dave, I'm now trying to see if I can solve the problem through some render or media files, since Jerry gave me the great news that the project actually opens on his system! Being your solution more radical, i will wait for a second to see if I can solve the issue that way, otherwise I will go for sure for the clean install from the ground, and then update you with the results!

    Again, I'm blown away by your generosity and helpfulness. You guys are really special people. There are times when you can get away with something less, but those times you don't will more than make up for any time you will save. After you backup A new disk added to a tower makes this a lot easier.

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    Disk images of FCS install in about 30 minutes OK guys, thanks again for the precious suggestions. The problem is that if I re-install Magic Bullet Looks 1. Note, i didn't even install yet any other plugin I had on before, so I'm now sure the issue is connected to these two At this point I thought the problem was a compatibility issue between Snow Leopard and the Red Giant plugins, since I did not have the latest versions. I'm really getting desperate, I now run again out of options, and since the clips where the plugins are already applied look awesome, i would die inside at the idea of having to trash them and restart color correction from scratch!

    The look i achieved is exactly the look i wanted for this project, i would feel terrible having to restart the process again using Color or something else. Do you guys have any idea about what could be the issue at this point? Maybe something connected to the CS5? It's gonna be a pain in the ass, but is better than losing everything. Does anybody has an idea of why is doing this? Even if I install the old versions of the plugins, still the Mojo settings are there, but the Looks settings are gone.

    That's so weird! Are the Looks plugins, and the Mojo drivers the correct ones for the OS you're running? Do check that out. Hey Jerry, hope your weekend was good. Please update your operating system before contacting support. And even if i install instead the old version of Looks, the 1.

    Serial Number Magic Bullet Looks 1.4.3

    How weird is that!? Hello everyone, I am having a similar type of problem of my own. I was viewing some of my clips in the viewer window setting some ins and outs before putting them in the timeline. At about the 4th clip FCP started staling and i got the spinning color wheel. This kept occurring so I quit FCP. I re-opened FCP and somehow my computer ejected my hard drive so the media was offline.

    My problem is my cuts loaded, but there is no video footage or sound. I am not sure what to do? Please advise I have been editing off of my external LaCie rpm GB and this project is the only thing on it. My scratch disk is also set to the drive.

    How do I get my project back, so I do not have to start over??? Return to posts index.