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Hey, I followed your steps, but then when I try to restore agian a new error came up. Please help me! Open hosts files in notepad opened as an administrator 2. Copy all the content in another notepad instance opened as an administrator 3.

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Delete hosts file 4. Restaure your desired firmware via itunes 8. Smile :. Ahhhh thankyou so much. I have a jailbroken iphone on 5.

For those who say that you dont have permission to edit the file. I tried the hosts I put Do u have to jailbrake it as I never jail broken my iPhones. If you need them, you can get iPhone firmware, iPad firmware, and iPod touch firmware directly from Apple.

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I upgraded to IOS6 and am trying to go back to ios 5. Getting very very frustrated with my unjailbreak of my iphone. I have had my iphone 4s jailbroken for a while and i dont want it anymore and i want to upgrade to IOS6. Ive tried many ways to go back to normal but the error codes keep popping up. Mainly the and pop up. Ive went threw very carefully following every exact detail of this article and still can not unjailbreak my phone. Really need help before i lose it!

Thank you. First I got Error ,I add the code in Hosts file.. My iphone 4 is still on recovery mode. Can I use Tiny Umbrella to get this bloody Recovery mode off? Will i be able to save SHSH blobs? Anybody, please help…. What can I do to prevent this? Bro, I did all the steps,but still it is showing same error. It is to me mentioned that i have i pon 4gs jailbreak pon its stuck up in apple logo,plz suggest me um dying to make it run……. Hi there Im trying to restore my iphone 4 to ios 5 and i added the extension to the host file using administrator privileges but still its not working for me it still shows the error in itunes.

Please help. I have tried all means of restoring my iOS 4. What is the next alternatives? Pse help! Finally got my ip4 working again. Was stuck on greenpoison logo and itunes gave error whatever i tried. Had to do it a little different from above. Hope this helps someone who is reading this…. Find your hosts file and make a copy backup 2.

iTunes quit unexpectedly error.

Next type Save your hosts file and exit it. I gave up and binned mine and brought a Samsung galaxy S2. What a phone no more problem with updating or jailbreaking.

Why are apple soo protected about there OS, just relax. I was on ios 5 jailbroken. I read all the instructions, it just does not work. The same happened to me, since iOS 5. Anyone can help? I had the same problem each time.

iTunes Plugin Not Compatible with OS X · Issue #7 · projectM-visualizer/projectm · GitHub

So I decide to search on the web; remove the ip adress from the host etc, etc.. The easiest way to solve this problem is; 1. Download and install an os windows seven recommended on the virtual machine 3.

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Hey could you explain more specificly each steps to configure the virtual machine with itunes and extern storage. Worked like a charm. What I found out was that if you repeatedly get this error trying to downgrade, try the latest update then try the downgrade. Surprisingly it worked for me. Just that I upgraded to iOS 5 then back down to 4. Hello all.. The instructions written on this page tell you how to solve Error , maybe you should read them.

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This is weird. I had passed the error stage, and gotten stuck on Confused right now….. After removing an app Anyring from cydia i restarted my iphone and it started showing apple logo. I even changed the I have a 3gs that I never updated, it still had 3. I tried to simply update to 5. I followed all the steps above with the Hosts files by the way, I also had a Host file that was an Umbrella File, whatever that is, so I had to experiment a little.

I tried changing the ip address after the symbol, and nothing ever worked. I then read a post where the person simply deleted the Host file and it worked. I deleted the file, but still nothing. I was struggling, still getting errors after deleting the hosts file, it was so incredibly frustrating. Restarting iTunes after the removed worked like a charm. Thanks again for sharing, something so small to overlook changed everything.

Fix Error 3194 from iTunes During iPhone Restore

I really would like to upgrade to ios5. I tried it but get the error message after I have changed the code in notepad. My iphone 3gs is jailbroken to 4. I got this error message when I am trying to update my software on my iPhone 4 from 4 to 5! Any ideas? Thanks for this helpful article, I finally got my iPhone restored to ios 5. Props to the author! Thank you so so much. I was running ios5 on 3gs and it took an hour but the restore worked and the error is fixed. Th solution should work for all iphone. I jailbroke my iphone 4 and am on version 4.

I have tried everything here. I get past the dreaded error and the restore goes a lot further than before… Just before it is almost completed, I get a message saying restore could not complete due to an unknown error. Any help would be appreciated!