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XWindows Dock yet is another highly customized free Dock Application. The cool thing with Nexus is that it is a multi-level dock system provides fast access for any application that you used most frequently. It is very easy to setup, some of the themes built in have also included the Leopard theme. See how easy this is to tweak your Windows into a Mac Dock? Adding icons, applications to the dock is easy as well.

Just drag them into the dock and it will stick there for you. It is the next evolution of dock application launcher. Just rotate your mouse wheel and let the icons come to you. It is similar to the one above, but it is Open Source! So you can basically do anything with it, for Open Source fans out there this is a great news.

Customization is infinite. Download Circle Dock here. You claim they are virus free: Apparently you did not run a anti virus program after down loading the above docks inmjcluding Dell Dock. I ran Bitdefender against the down loads. Found a total of 84 virus. Best docking system.


If you want Windows buy windows. Next of Windows. I too have become annoyed recently at really basic stuff not working in macOS, like I can't drag and drop a picture out of Photos app into Pixelmator to edit. In fact, dragging and dropping a picture out of Photos into any application is completely broken and doesn't work.

Its as-if the Apple QA team no longer tests to make sure their applications play nice with each other in a way that has been fundamental to desktop computing since the desktop OS was invented. I really can't understand what it's doing but have a hard time taking it seriously as an operating system. This is just a guess -- being very late to the conversation -- but in case someone even later is curious, this may be the well documented case of the. NET framework recompiling libraries in the background after an update. It seems like it will never finish, but it does However, the lack of any UI, any indication of its presence or its progress, and also that killing it will just make it come back later are all pretty hostile.

Google for more info. Is this a serious statement, that windows update mines Bitcoin? No - just my boggled speculation about the kind of work which would tie up a modern CPU for hours installing a few GB of files. SHA could hash each file in a couple seconds. TheKarateKid on Mar 15, A MS engineer posted a lengthy blog post on why this is the case. The ridiculous time has to do with insane system state and dependency checking for every update and each one in history before it, since Windows Update allows you to add or remove every little update ever for the OS.

The Rollup updates that MS moved towards, even in Windows 7 now, is supposed to help this.

Mac OS X Theme for Windows 7

However, a completely new solution is really needed to replace this antiquated one, like many other lingering parts of Windows. They probably weighed compression time vs file size and realized that every byte not downloaded is money saved on bandwidth. Come to think of it, that's actually an interesting monetization scheme. It's of course disastrous from an environmental perspective, but still interesting. Walf on Mar 6, And if it doesn't idle enough, we'll make it. DougN7 on Mar 6, This is very likely it from my experience as well.

There are plenty of other examples. It happens on OS X. Kernel freezes as well.

Mac Theme for Windows 7

This makes it extremely hard to pinpoint which service is faulty. Now you can see what each svchost does. That helps a little, but fundamentally the runtime of a module is still "billed" to the svchost. This kind of bug is not unique to Windows. I just tried it in Photos 2. I recently discovered the detailed and amazingly accessible Aqua Human Interface Guidelines from their golden years have been completely gutted and replaced with the macOS guidelines that cover only the basics. They've abandoned years of accumulated wisdom.

Luckily the old versions still float around in PDF form, the first few chapters are just good timeless UI design advice. Klover on Mar 6, Photos overall is a trainwreck. Options are hidden and hard to find, anything beyond "tag this image with your auntie's name" is way harder than it should be I've noticed this as well. Why that doesn't happen with other programs is anyone's guess. I put "workaround" in quotation marks because this is really how I do all dragging and dropping between programs in macOS, since I tend to run stuff in full screen.

Is it even possible to chose a photo out of your photo librry from a browser's file upload dialog? I don't think it is, when the photos are in iPhoto. How many steps does it take to get a picture off your camera, into iPhoto, then exported, and finally uploaded to Craigslist? Angostura on Mar 5, Scroll down to the 'Media' section in the sidebar.

Select 'Pictures' There you'll find all your pictures in Photos.

Cute mac icons

Photos should show up as an icon in the side-bar? Rather than navigating to the actual files I think you're meant to access them this way. It's a good idea and used to work better in my memory - these days it can be a bit finnicky to find the photo you want. It is possible and very easy. Just drag the photo from iPhoto to the upload dialog.

You can't copy and paste an image out of Photos, either. It's really quite ridiculous. Open Photos.

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Select Photo. Open TextEdit.

How To Install The Windows 7 Mac OS X Lion Theme

It is ridiculous. Ridiculously simple. After some experimentation, it turns out my problem was that I expected - ridiculous, I know - that it would copy image data in some form that's comprehensible to Gimp, Firefox and Thunderbird. Feels like this forms a data point for the thread - since meanwhile, on Windows, I have a couple of programs in my bin folder that I use fairly regularly that I compiled in Yes you can - I've just done it.

Instead of being condescending you could have explained how to do it.