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LOST file on MAC- saved by microsoft autorecovery

However, the interesting thing is that this only occurs with Excel. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc are all able to save fine and under the "get info" tab of the file, I do indeed have permissions to save. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've tried resetting user permissions with Terminal, resetting the computer, removing and re-granting permissions and nothing has worked.

Edit: I have discovered that I can edit and save existing Excel files with no problem but if I start a new book and try to save that, I hit the no permission error.

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MacBook Pro, Model. Posted on Oct 2, AM. Oct 2, AM in response to pepperm In response to pepperm.

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The backslash is one of the illegal characters for OS X filenames. Colon I believe is the other. Oct 2, AM. Finder allows it OS X terminal will not , but it's not recommended as it can create problems. Similarly, the file system allows colons, while Finder does not. It has to do with Finder maintaining legacy backwards compatibility pre-OS X, the Mac file system used colon as the path delimiter.

How to Convert Numbers Spreadsheet to Excel File on Mac

Page content loaded. Are your Office programs up to date?

How to Convert Numbers File to Excel on Mac

Check that outI think under the Help menu you'll find Check for updates. Oct 2, AM in response to dwb In response to dwb.

Yep Office is all up to date. I'll see if this solves it in the long run. Question: Q: Microsoft excel doesn't have permission to save. I went home and opened my Mavericks-running I opened the same file from my DropBox folder, clicked the enable macros button, and entered some data. When I tried to save the document, I received the dreaded "Document not saved" message.

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I noted that a temporary file briefly appeared in the destination folder when I attempted a "save as.. Using the save as. I tried. I have no oddities in how my permissions are set on my drive and no naughty file names, excepting a hyphen in the root drive's name. Since I also have a hyphen in the name of my I then opened the file on my 3rd machine via DropBox , also running With no apparent problems, I ruled out a The problem persisted, so I focused my attention on items outside my own home folder.

I skipped any steps that involved removing items that resided in my user home folder, or made reference to removing licensing components. I then reinstalled Office from my original media and manually applied updates to the latest version vs. Finally, I launched Excel, answered the initial setup questions, and opened my shiny project dashboard file. Fingers-crossed, I hit "Save. Opening the VBA interface works now too, and the workbook no longer complains about macros not being enabled. It was originally I have to wonder if this "avoid the effort of a clean install" process broke or lost an Office component along the way.

Alternatively, perhaps by not installing Office within Whatever, it works now.

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    Learn more. I have Excel for mac and I am getting an error message when I try to save "Document not saved". How can I fix this? Is there a patch or something I can download?